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raffaele marone (italy), sergio izzo (italy)
We have a dream! A never-ending tree path, full of people on bikes and people walking through a collage of hundreds of different landscapes, races, colors, hairdos and clothes, where the trees change as the geography changes.
An East Lane and a West Lane, connected by suspended passages, above a sort of Green Canal of gardens.
The Line lays on thousands of arches, built with recycled materials using each region's different techniques. Houses and other kinds of buildings are stuck under the arches like lichens on an never-ending cliff. Two exterior roads, accessible from the path by ramps, provide entry to the houses, shops, and other places under the arches; interspersed unoccupied arches allow passage from one side to the other.
The people inhabiting The Line live off of what the earth provides in different points of the path.
They live in The Line as if in a village. In the roads they walk, meet, talkā€¦ live.
A road parallel to The Line, to be used by cars, is for emergencies.