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ruben d'alessandro (italy), cristina bronzino (italy), stefania caccamo (italy)
Gaza (31 30 N - 34 28 E - Palestine) lies on the intersection of the two ancient roads connecting Egypt to Mesopotamia and the Arabic Peninsula to the Mediterranean. Armies, trading caravans and later pilgrims found here a charming resting place, enabling constant interactions between civilizations. Grown up on tolerance and respect, this strategic crossroads has been knocked down by a recent history of uninterrupted war, heavily undermining its special identity.
A new vision for the future is based on the memory of what was called the Way of Horus, via Maris, Ad-darb As-sultani, the Silk Road. The goal is to discover the Old City as a symbol of a new Road of Dialogue, thought as an international path to encourage mutual knowledge as a vehicle for peace.
The strategy is to fit the City for multiple uses unrolling around the main square, today a parking, like a big caravanserrais, symbol of a hospitable town open to exchanges.