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qi jiang (china), jun li (china), yuanye zhu (china), jinfeng wang (china), wei wang (china)
In Xi'an, China, there is an old architectural form - the cave which take advantage of the vertical nature of loess in the loess slope built, The form of low-cost construction is warm in winter and cool in summer. However, with urbanization, the villagers gradually Removed their own cave initiative or passive .
The most important reason is the lack of lighting, ventilation and watershed problems, villagers prefer to make a living in the city during the day, and live in low-rent room at night,.
So we try to improve the status of the cave, the practice of using
Glass ceiling to replace the traditional roof covering soil practices with additional underground water catchment device.
Not given the exact program, is a thought, putting this idea applied to various cities along the Silk Road to solve the problems of traditional architecture.