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gianluca marangi (italy), diego della spina (italy), marina romano (italy), bettina mattii (italy)
The project , that through actual geographic sceneries represent the “Silk Road”, move to strengthen relations among populations of different cultures and traditions. The planning sign “ knot –helix”, is the link between natural cycles and human activities. The knot recalls to the labyrinth, identified as a route to the conquest of centre that gets inside the profundity of soul and materials in a double way. The helix, symbol of the exchange and interaction, wrap around the spectator taking him into a new reality.
The fluid lines of the design, defined two wagons-containers coloured white sparkling that attract the meta-traveller to get inside, the profound black of the indoor and the use of high technology (panel sound proof, video sequences on oled displays, audio diffusers at restrict bandage) take him in a new dimension.