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marco de gregorio (spain)
Digital Cocoon
_The Silk Road has since the antiquity been a historical passage across the Eurasian continent and it has enhanced trade and relationships between China, Asia and Europe.
This route consists of paths made by multiple journeys over mountains, plains, deserts, rivers and seas connecting commercial points between the Chinese empire and the Western countries.
Graphically it is possible to notice that the Silk Road network has many of the same structural characteristics as the complex configuration of the silk cocoon.
The project’s ideogram interprets and articulates these intricate set of travel connections and the silken pad.
An object that expresses fluxibility and that creates options for encounters is proposed.
The loop structure of the object is a transposition of both the road net and the cocoon which symbolizes the space, the transformation, and the preciosity of the silk.
As the caravans made their paths, the design object will traces the same route-net.