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francesco lipari (italy), vanessa todaro (italy), andrea debilio (italy)
32.129105,114.093018.Silk Road Map Evolution is a project conceived from the desire to re-establish and rebuild the old Silk Road line through a social,economic,political and architectural rehabilitation.The new Silk Road line becomes a driving force for the economy of small urban realities.It's a new idea of urban linear sprawl where the bigger city helps the small cities.The 15,000 km of the Silk Road Line will strongly integrates architecture and infrastructures through a new gravity railway line that runs from Venice to Shanghai through several countries extending its “arms” with a network of commercial services and new housing aiding luckless economic realities.It will be interrupted by several bionic towers constituting the new conurbation’s core,while new cities composed like routes will run from the main branch hooking disadvantaged and far cities.This system will work like a pump flowing the new Silk Road line economic lifeblood to the small disadvantaged world's cities.