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alessandro martinelli (italy), nicola marinello (italy)
SilkRoad has permitted through the ages the very experience of travelling: people crossing it were living on travel and forced to consider how distance in space corresponds to distance in time. If the organizational question, which time-zones constitute for transcontinental States, still manifests such condition -e.g. Russia intends to reduce its time-zones in order to facilitate the management of its territorial extension- the establishment of an euro-asiastic high speed rail system will inject such issue in the life of everyone. Thus, we intend to advance the idea of a new type of City inserted in this infrastructure: architecturally articulated by di­ erent space-time conditions, this City will re-order di­ erent time-zone experiences in the form of stacked floors while faciliating the localized coordination among the extremes of such giant infrastructures. The life within this City, a continuous movement among di­ erent time-zone experiences, will be the very SilkRoad monument.