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alessandro martinelli (italy), nicola marinello (italy)
In the light of the sustainability urgency, this City sets the objective of its compactness without o­ffering a simplified urban condition. Thus, the way in which infrastructures permit the experience of warping spacetime -that constitutes the very condition of such City as well as the SilkRoad- has been addressed to differentiate its spaces at human scale too: interconnected by a grid of elevators cores, each floor is differentiated by a diverse layout of disruptive mobility (tapis roulant). Floor4, dark and controlled, o­ffers itself as the best space for a IT computational farm; Floor3, illuminated and controlled, interacts with the high speed station o­ffering itself as a modern agorà-convention center; Floor2, with its highly differentiated environmental pattern, o­ffers itself to work and leisure; Floor1, interfering with the exterior world, is dedicated to housing; the Roof, with its concave shape, both collects water-solar energy and o­ffer itself to large scale events.