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shenggang fu (china), geng wang (china), hongbiao jiang (china), baoju shen (china), jingtao li (china)
The New Silk Road In The Internet Age.
We think that the spirit of the SILK ROAD is connecting city and people.
202BC-AD8 years, The communication of people and the exchange of information rely on the human and animals' power. This is the first phase of the “Silk Road”. In the industrial age, mechanical power began to replace the force of human and animals. The form of the Silk Road had be Changing. Now, in the internet age, we need more efficient connection. And the form of the Silk Road will be change again.
In our design, we want to set up a network system to get the target that people can talk to any one who lives in the city of the Silk Road “face to face” in their own city square with the network terminal-"Silk Road Cube". We want to make the link of people more effective.
We will put the “Silk Road Cube” on the central square of all the cities which Located in the Silk Road. The example of our design located in Xi'an,China (34°15'41.21"N / 108°56'28.21"E).