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michele albanelli (italy), carmen hilda omonte miraval (italy)
The Silk Road has been/is a system for cultural transmission. The vast geographical network, which has grown up because of commercial purpose, enabled a process of transmission of knowledge.
The loop process idea>production>transmission, which necessarily brings towards new developments (in its broadest sense), is implemented into the project as an abstract model of dynamic relationships.
The "Silkscape" is rendered as a virtual environment activated through real, physical interaction, so devoted to generate transmission, sharing. The pavilion-like project is structured through the superimposition of two models of non-hierarchical networks, the world-wide-web and the camping, which gives raise to a third, emergent model: a temporary settlement for ideas and people.
The temporary and the nomadic aspects of the "Silkscape" are necessarily introduced to emphasize the intensive qualities of the traveling experience, rather than its extension in space.