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diego marcucci (italy), anna grandi (italy), rosa camarda (italy)
We do propose to use the mulberry tree as a Leitmotiv in many different projects about cities, villages, but also natural places, historically belonging to the Silk road.
We do not select any precise design area, but we propose a conceptual tool, reproducible in different contexts. The tree is a silent sign, easy-fitting and versatile.
The mulberry tree will be a means to help people reminding to be on the ancient Silk road, but we don’t want it to be an end unto itself.
It’s a witness of the historical heritage, so it educates and informs about the Past, but at the same time it becomes useful to satisfy concrete needs.
The mulberry tree brings new green areas in our metropolises, needing parks and recreational spaces. It accompanies the vital and economic hubs like markets and ports. It will be a landmark and a sign linking a landscape to a human activity.