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alessandra manfredi (italy), laura pistoia (italy)
The silk road, from Xi’an to Venice and vice versa, has been scoured along the centuries by commercial and business streams and, as a consequence of this, cultural barters have developed, together with exchange of information. Our purpose is to depict this flow with the Bombyx Mori butterfly, as a symbol of aerial flux. Aim of this project is to bring back into use this flow of exchanges and this cultural sharing, protecting at the same time the environment and also retaining traditional habits through the countries which are disappearing nowadays, also considering the next realization, within 2025, of a railway that will link Europe to Asia, from Hambourg to Bejing, resolutely becoming part of the environment. Our project is widespread all along the silk road and it is applicable to every circumstance, making the most of the natural potentiality of the scene.