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sebastiano maccarrone (italy), santi musmeci (italy)
The very same name ‘Silk Road’ evocates mythical historical suggestions. You immediately recall the tiny piece of land both harsh and blissful which used to link the East to the West allowing convoys, merchants and their goods to bridge across the two Worlds. It has always been a journey like no other. The road is both exciting and thrilling, the places encountered no-doubt fascinating, but the traveller of the past was constantly reminded of the many hurdles lying ahead.The very same marriage between interaction and culture which is perfectly embodied by the Silk Road itself can now be re-established using a new system of markets interlinked by a complex system of webcams and ledwalls. It is evident that the key to understand the very concept of interaction is that of regarding communication as global trade: a constant exchange of information between different peoples (con la s inteso come popolazioni) and societies: an exchange which can only happen at many different levels.