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francesco paolo cecati (italy), daniela capra (italy), giovanni tori (italy), ivana papa (italy), mario cecati (italy)
General Concept

If the settling in of new inhabitants in an area is to be considered as an advancement in the living conditions of people and therefore an improvement of the economy at large, it is necessary to create new cities: new “polis”.
The founding element of every “polis” is its identifying trait, in other words, it is the collection of its values which the inhabitants feel as theirs and in which they can identify themselves.
The history of places is revealed by the presence of the things created by the inhabitants during their lifespan. The competition outlines the realization of a big weft: a complex network of intercontinental connections which unites existing poles, ancient cities of the orient and of the West and new poles apt to attract men and resources.As in the weaving of a cloth, in order to be good, the weft must be resistant, while the warp should be rich and refined to generate prestige, richness, durability and admiration.