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francesco paolo cecati (italy), daniela capra (italy), giovanni tori (italy), ivana papa (italy), mario cecati (italy)
Project Idea

Roads, bridges. Stops. These are fixed points along fixed courses. This thin and precious network, like the golden thread of a valuable fabric, is the warp yarn to intertwine in a new weft.
The extreme fast with the extreme slow. The new tissue will facilitate the shift from one system to the other. The new "polis" will be generated from the existing seeds, from the present towns and, even more, from the network of caravanserais.
For ages and ages the caravanserais were the meeting point for pleasure or business among all kinds of people with different culture and beliefs. .
The territorial structure with new and large urban agglomerations and new super fast links needs several supports: fast, dynamic for business and industry, slow and thoughtful for culture and tourism. Weft and warp exist as different realities; twisted with different bridges, they will produce a new and original outcome : the fabric.The bridges made of silk are the keystone.