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pietro carlo pellegrini (italy), filippo tarquini (italy)
this structure will will be placed as marker where the actual economical and geographical silkroad paths will generate new cities and worker comunities. Everywhere in the nowhere between Rome and Shangai. The ambition is to design a sensible node linked in a socio/organic grid system that evolves itself constantly;a buildt device able to transmit/emit communication data.
Its task is to collect the communities’ memory data, to receive info and feedback,to develope them with the aim of addressing the local needs.
As a safe port and new restart of a medial pilgrimage, its medium is the homing pigeon, methaphoric ancestral recall. The wait and processing of the message, its "slowness" generates expecations, and fullness of meaning.
The analisys shown focuses on the need of re-thinking the design strategies, using different misure instruments as the "noise of culture gradient", which expresses the susceptibility to the media contributions that comunities will be able to do.