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gianluca voci (italy), simona siddi (italy), luigi de crescentis (italy), giuseppe fimiani (italy)
From filament of knowledge to axis of trade and exchange of goods only: to humanize these assumptions is the planning aim
Offering an help to people in trouble (because of wars, persecutions, poverty, pandemics, discriminations) is the current foundation of the technical and technological progress.
We want to transform Silk Road in the occasion for the creation of Linear Metropolis of Welcome, an emotional filament that give hospitality to migrants in places building in keeping with environment. Small towns that, like parasite, hook on to the Silk Road to support it in efficiency and to built a new system of urban satellites based on the goods and people traffic. These small satellites are efficient, sustainable, modifiable and expandable in the time and it has low environmental and ecological impact. They are places of development, links for new destinations. A “main ouverte” shapes the urban area pointed out further on the basic idea of welcome