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gianluca voci (italy), simona siddi (italy), luigi de crescentis (italy), giuseppe fimiani (italy)
A linear metropolis: a ”main ouverte” to all the migrants consisting of four functional filaments:
1.Filament of Power Production is marked by breakwater of close-mesh reeds, covering vertical axis wind turbine
2.Filament of Transport is marked by the lines of transnational communication, the rail communication, the road transports and by the relative working places
3.Filament of Welcome is marked by a system of open spaces that lodge services, hospitals and humanitarian organization. It is characterized by a shapeless, removable and expandable system made with natural fibres, reeds and cardboard. It gives the first welcome to the migrants
4.Filament of Residence is marked by the city in evolution that gives a social setting to the migrants intending to stop here. So the city increases as a real urban places building with simple dwelling-module in wood and cardboard.
A mix of actions dedicated to the social sustainability particularly is the real planning innovation.