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andrea cassi (italy), massimiliano marian (italy)
From the diary of a Silk Road traveler.

“My bag is made of leather. You can close it with a thin lace. In my bag I’ll put the seeds I gathered on the road. Every essence I came across during this journey. They will remind me of the different colors of the earth, the looks of women from over their shoulders and those of men from under their hats. Gathering seeds in a bag means trying to regain tiny pieces of earth. Understanding distance by putting together fragments of different cultures. There is no ‘Silk Road’, there is a story of routes made for exchange. A rope that keeps together day and night; east and west. A long market that unfolds between land and sea. Trains and boats. I picture the roots that, under the earth, entangle, too, in order to connect worlds that wake up or go to sleep at a different pace. I’m walking on this carpet, between Venice and Xi’an, with a hand full of seeds that could tell you about all the colors I’ve seen.”