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On the other hand we can consider the indigenous peoples,nomads and vulnerable communities as common heritage of knowledge to preserve,to better know.Between many small comunities and indigenous people here we like to list indigenous peoples in Arakan,in Myanmar;Beizifu community of Keerqin Sandy Land in Inner Mongolia; the Badjo,sea nomads who live around the different island nations of Southeast Asia.Communities of Bulgan aimag and Uvurkhangai in Mongolia;Bakarwal nomads with their goat herds,mules and dogs travel throughout the year in search of pastures in northern parts of Pakistan.They walk approximately 1800km during their annual migrations and graze their herds in four distinct ecological zones; the sea-nomadic Sama Dilaut; all those and more are affected by climate change in a number of ways,their communities have intimate knowledge of the sea,of the earth,of climate changing and are highly dependent on it.At same time they can show ecological different way of adaptation.