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latitude 39°45'26N; longitude76°24'18E

The Eurasian railway, predicted in 2025, will change the way to see everything, to feel the space and the time and allows us to consider the difficult balance between growing technology and the ancient protection. With its mythical past, still living in the historical centre’s streets and in the multi ethnic Bazaar, and with the modernity wave devouring it, Kashgar is the perfect background for this challenge. Gradually, the city will grow until to incorporate the near villages (Shifu, Shule, Akto, Ulugqat, Payzawat). For to evade a irregular development will need to provide to the city a new point of reference representing her in the eyes of citizens and of tourists. High speed for Kashgar means a excellent occasion to become a Xinjiang's economic hub and commercial exchange thanks to strategical position of the present and of the past.