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alessandro collatuzzo (italy)
An assential modern confortable designed with traditional craftmanship.
Shape : cylindrical (fit for cabins) - Function : Traffic control and tourist information
There are three elements in the structure :
1 - The Skirting Board - made with a steel circular platform fixed to the concrete plinth with
steel profiled shells as a support of the protective glass.
2 - Steel Partition – conceived as support to the top of the cabin they are made by joining
simple hollow blades useful to keep inside wiring and air conditioning.
3 - Coping – obtained by placing on circular disks of different diameter and a cone-shaped top. These elements outdistance themselves to allow ventilation. The protective glass is made of two shells of curved stratified glass and a steel and glass shaped door.
The conditioning plant and lighting make a comfortable place to work in, and it is spacious to host furnishing and modern technologies.
Even for places you’ve never seen.