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nicola valentino canessa (italy), paolo bartoletti (italy), fabio merlo (italy), danilo boniello (italy), gabriele pisani (italy), paolo andrea raffetto (italy), nicola pisani (italy)
“Through the calculations begun by Edwin P Hubble on the galaxies' velocity of recession...”
It can be said that in a particular moment of history, the universe was contained in a spot, and even men were in the same space, then there was a well-known famous explosion and the point collapsed.
These three element (the point, the man and the pilgrimage) became inseparable mates, in a continuos evolution, till now, when
everything is again condensed as billions of years ago, living as snails, carrying their multimedia home, not remain cut off from a world that is now being purely virtual.
Thousand of points, single entity, completely self-sufficient, free from sentiment, only able to connect with the rest of humanity from its own bubble.