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fabrizio misuraca (italy)
The idea is to identify the silk road whit the train, born from a new vision of the caravan route. The train will be chameleonic, a mutant train whit a changing skin which could be mimetic or visible, changing whit the different views of the natural landscapes.
The train may be self powered whit the natural sources of energy , sun, wind….
Silk road> EuropeAsia/Caravan route>different sites , cities, people to join/
Changing landscapes/ rediscovery and recognize/
Immaterial line>Mutability>Identification>chameleonic train>
new vision of caravan route/ A mutant train whit changing skin> mimetic or visible whit the different views > a mirror or transparent train > self powered by the natural sources, sun, wind……./ A new mutant dragon which identify the new silk road.