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paolo raspa (italy), raul gabriel (italy), fabrizio giuffrida (italy), raffaele capone (italy)
The Silk Road represents a recurring trait of the history of mankind: relations and connections between different nations and societies.
The silk cocoon embodies this history of relations and connections.
The cocoons’ protective form, their connected structure and their ultimate product - life itself - are a natural metaphor for mankind’s societies and their connections, and the enriched life they generate. The cocoon, the productive settlement of silkworms, is the Silk Road’s original, timeless engine.
Connecting timeless and modern is the analogy between silk fiber and optical fiber. Fibers connect and protect the cocoons; fibers connect and empower the technological society.
The often hidden fibers of today, carrying the information that is our societies’s lifeblood, come alive in this project as a wired silk texture, surrounding and integrating cocoon-like buildings. The exchange of information takes place through fibers.