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roberto tranchese (italy), antonio m. rinaldi (italy), matteo belfiore (italy)
The Silk-sky project aims to innovate the concept of the caravan, for centuries the main vehicle used to travel the Silk Road. The airship in its safe and technologically advanced evolution, is the ideal way to improve the efficiency of movement of people and goods along the 15,000 km route. Combining fuel efficiency with high load capacity, movement flexibility with high range, the airship has historically accompanied all major undertakings and explorations of mankind. The proposal envisages the creation of a network system covering the entire sphere of relevance for future World Heritage - from Italy to Japan for about 15.000 km - coordinates from UTM33N to UTM52N. Inside some intermodal hubs allow interaction with other communications infrastructure (air, train, car….). From the airship you can enjoy a unique point of view, traveling ecologically and silently. Silk-sky is also a flexible infrastructure. It could be a valuable support to the new high-speed trains network project.