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francesco lipari (italy), vanessa todaro (italy), andrea debilio (italy)
Silk Road Map Evolution consists of two urban bio-ecological integrated systems developed respectively in vertical and horizontal.The first element,the complex of towers,is composed of 3 different types of skyscrapers that grow upright for an average height of 400 m.The second element,the Silk Road railway system,is the main railway line with trains based on gravitational polarized fields serving all the routes and merging the East with the West.The outer skin of the whole complex(towers+tunnel)consists of a unique and innovative system made by an high level green concrete based on titanium dioxide that can significantly reduce air pollution and,through a synthetic chlorophyll,generate photo catalytic reactions producing clean air for an amount of 500M liters of oxygen per day.It changes its module-shape and pattern according to the place where the Silk Road Line is passing by and suddenly changing its configuration according to the culture of the country where it is located.