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christian gasparini (italy), lorenzo badari (italy)
a light unit able to be moved easily, that can be disassembled and reassembled in many shapes, able to mark the whole Silk Road, through its setting and reconfiguration in relation with local needs. the units generate a punctual dissemination of different elements divided per type: sight tower, caravanserai, linear edge, crossing bridge and per function: refreshment unit, bathroom,bedroom, info-point, exhibition space, shopping space, and homogeneous per simbolic value as knots of an identification, appropriation and orienteering net from Rome and Venice to Xi an and Shangai and per cultural target to generate signs by structural alluminium blocks (made in Italy) covered and coated by red tissue (chinese silk). they unify the landscape, constituting themselves as boundary stones of Roman Centuriatio or as disseminated fragments of the Chinese Wall, sequence of unique photograms of extremely differentiated landscapes, containing univocal contemporary signs