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giacomo minelli (italy), riccardo pedrazzoli (italy), valentina cicognani (italy)
What if 33 cities, from China to Italy, found themselves connected by dimensional gates?
What if a citizen of Turkmenistan could meet through a magic mirror the habitants of China, Egypt or Italy?
What if 8000 km of cultures, languages, races and religions were resumed in a single sight?
SILKBROADCASTING is a breathtaking media artwork that recalls and celebrates the Silk Road pointing out its fundamental role in connecting western and eastern populations, making the world smaller.
A video installation consisting of two wide LCD screens one facing the other will be settled in the main square (or in some other meaningful public space) in the downtown of 33 cities along the road. Standing between the screens, one will see displayed into a virtual perspective all the installations of all the other cities taking part to the project. Being face to face with people from countries even miles and miles far will be a stunning representation of what the mythical disappeared path really linked.