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christian gasparini (italy), lorenzo badari (italy)
the silk-worm can be carried with the whole range of suitable contemporary means of transport (w=2,5 metres, l=5 metres, h=3 metres) like a parking space fit for living. the Italy-China partnership will take care of the production and can offer the unit to whole local comunities interested along the east-west silk road route. the local authorities define service and assistance programs to the silk road, related to the local needs and may use, in an original way, the units, by configuring them like coated skins. they take care to furnish the interiors, to define the different purposes of the spaces. so it generates a punctual knots’ spreading, that might be crossed and guessed by those, who follow the silk road. on google maps they might be seen as the little stones (red) of “Pollicino” fairy tale, through which each of us can orienteer and identify on the landscape along the silk road, giving sense not only to the route, but also to a planet connection between east and west.