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maria beatrice servi (italy), umberto giovanni berton (italy)
1. Stars on the Silk Road.
After millennia the evocative strength of the Silk Road is still potent. Nowadays, thanks to the new geopolitical and economic equilibria, and to new fast land connections, the Silk Road can return to shine in Eurasian vitality and worldwide.
Let's imagine to find, in the Road's nodal cities, the “Silk Road Centers”, which collect the best cultural and economic expressions, oriented to product value in terms of: talent, traditions’ development, tourism, sustainable products and mobilities. In order to encourage trade and virtuous synergies between the people of the Silk Road, Centers are managed by an international committee that promotes and evaluates the territorial emerging activities. Setting up Centers is also a reason to retrain and improve existing buildings and places. A real-time updated website is the common user interface of this project. A unitary communication informs the general public and invites to visit the Centers.