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sha jin (china), guannan he (china), fan yang (china)
Silk Road is a great meaning in world history.General speaking, it is the ancient roads on the Trans-Eurasia, and also named for transporting the Chinese silk.
Today, thousands of years has passed, the meaning of the modern Silk Road has no longer physical links, but something about information, culture, way of life and the transfer of the spirit.In the design of the Ancient Silk Road, we selected 6 cities of five countries, as a typical representation.They are Nagasaki-Japan, Xi'an and Dunhuang-China, Mashhad-ran, Istanbul-Turkey, Venice-Italy.In these 6 cities, we chose typical buildings or groups in typical area, and use multimedia technology, hanging large screens on the facade of the building but reserved for the original windows. So the unique information, culture and lifestyle of another country could be transported to each other by hi-tech method of multimedia technology.It will affect the normal life of the residence without disturbing the normal use of the existing buildings.