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nicolò gnan (italy)
I have come walking on a mountain trail.I look up to heaven but the blue has left space to dark and threatening clouds. I fasten, longing for a shelter, maybe behind that curve of the path.Just around the bend I see a cocoon ready to welcome me, as if a hard-working caterpillar had left it there for me.Just in time!I am already struck by the hyper-technology that surrounds me.It is getting darker, but thanks to a touch-panel I manage to turn on the light and adjust the temperature.I can also recharge my GPS and check an interactive map that runs on the curved wall.I find that I am in one of the many cocoons spread along the entire route.My attention is caught by a series of videos, images, sounds that tell what happened here in the past. A warm sun kisses me as I step out the cocoon, and thanks to the solar panels that cover it, the cocoon recharges its batteries, letting the next adventurer find refreshment and valuable information to continue at best his experience on the Silk Road.