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carlo castaldo (italy)
Visual DECT, “In this way the world will answer to the video-doorphone”.
This product represents the generational Exchange in the field of fixed wall video-entryphone systems and DECT phones for home use. Today, on the market, about the technical sector, there are video entryphone systems which are fixed firmly on the wall or elsewhere and therefore they cannot be moved. This application could be extended according to the more suitable demands relative to condominium. The invention’s idea is transmitting the video’s information, coming from the cameras of an external wired video-entryphone system (building park), on the cordless unit (DECT phone) of the single apartment, through a color display integrated into the cordless DECT phone unit. This invention consists of a portable video entryphone, that is a DECT phone, that integrally fulfils all the functions of a house cordless phone. Invented and made in Italy, Casoria (Naples), 40.918846,014.299306