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valeria alfonsi (italy), michele calvano (italy), eliana capiato (italy), germana angelini (italy)
SilkCity(from rome -italy- 41.898342°, 12.494774° to shanghai -china- 31.229872°, 121.475848° ) is a new foundation city,instantaneous and energetically autonomous: it grows along the HighSpeed railway wrapping it as a silkworm cocoon. It’s a built-up area depending by a compound infrastructure – the primary element round which life develops – and it can be potentially placed along all the line, from Rome to Shangai. This new urban system is thought as connection to the territory, which is plotted and express itself not as a preventive-planned expansion but as a continual renovation following the true development necessities. The passed flat- expansionistic idea of contemporary city is abandoned for a new concept: a city composed by independent and flexible modules giving birth to a changing scenery in the shortest periods of time.