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alessandra deidda (italy), ivan grippaldi (italy)
The Silk Road is the changing but continuous place along which the eastern and western have shared traditions and technologies for centuries, where the stories of travelers mingle with the caravan routes. Along this axis, China will build a network of high speed trains between Asia and Europe, new stations will built, others expanded or renovated. The roof of new and old docks, is understood as an element of continuity and identity adaptable and extensible. The identity not as an icon, but as architecture that people can recognize as their own, made from and for those who will live it, with sustainable materials, technologies and using local workers who can contribute their expertise during construction. The Yurta, a traditional Chinese tent is very suitable for this purpose, although rudimentary in its structural design and form; it is involved in all aspects of sustainability. The hypothetical location of the project is Kashgar (39.757_78.405), first Chinese city along the Silk Road.