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luca marinelli (italy), silvia manzari (italy), federica russo (italy), federica fava (italy), laura guastalegname (italy), zaira magliozzi (italy), laura corvino (italy), claudia alessandro (italy)
Rome 41°55’N-12°30’E-Shanghai 31°10’N-121°28’E by Silk Road travel time: 1’17’’
Rome,Guido Reni St
Francesco: “It’s so hot today!But going to the MAXXI makes it worth it.Photographs just don’t do it justice and from the inside it is even more special.It’s a shame I missed the opening party,Zaha Hadid was there!Never mind,tonight I will do my best to make up for it.I’m going to the “VirtualCocoon” in Repubblica Circus,so I can swap my experience.I’m quite tempted to have a look around the Shanghai Expo,virtually of course,'cause I’m broke!”
Shanghai,Lianyungang Rd
Akane: “It’s great walking around the new Expo pavilions. The UK proposal is one of the most eye catching.There’s another important opening today: the MAXXI a new Museum of Rome.I remember this project since I studied it for an exam.Come to think of it,I can swap what I’ve seen today in the Expo with a MAXXI’s tour,let’s go to the VirtualCocoon in Ren Ming square!”