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bruno giuliano (italy), danilo bergese (italy), cristina passarella (italy), angelo difalco (italy), miriam nardone (italy), paola capellino (italy), fabrizio garelli (italy)
Concept is exhibition hall evoking long way along “Silk Road”, the route linking Far East and West. For ages merchants from several countries and cultures cross the road with items and ideas. Meanwhile Cuneo region has developed silk production especially multicolor ribbons. Idea is to bring visitors in a fantastic travel through landscapes to find out humanity roots. Project begins from an ancient building requalification. Currently a ruin, it lies in center of Cuneo, Italy (coordinates 44.39 – 7.55), away 75 km from Turin.
Building appears like a parallelepiped long 65 m and wide 10 m, without roof. A sequence of arcs splits walls. Free volume is covered by a secondary structure a box, made in glass and steel. Height is 7m. Polycarbonate glazing ribbons run along new building like streamlines
Hall is minimalist, without pillars. Walls are completely white and floor made in black marble. Playing with lights and shadows visitors could walk and feel part of the exhibition.