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beatrice bonzanigo (italy)
In the beginning, there were two fine filaments, coming from two distant and chimerical lands. Each one embodied the magical idea, surrounded by mystery, that one world had of the other: from fortuitous and wondering encounters a whole imaginary blossomed.
The legendary coral land of Lijan, protected by waters lighter than swan feathers and floatable only by leather vessels, concealed magical fruits and plants, luminous rings and rare plumes, celestial horses, unicorns, and phoenixes. Impregnable doors, haunted by misleading mermaids kept Lijan ajar from the magic cloudland of Seres, a mighty kingdom covered with bountiful oasis that was believed to host the woollen forests where a magic fabric, the ethereal silk, flourished out of a leaf. The primordial magnet of the two filaments’ essence, the Silk’s road magic, will be enclosed in a sculpture. It'll stand close to Mahromat(UZ)(40°29'10.59"N;72°17'39.99"E), where Chinese and Italian explorers first began to dream.