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bruno giuliano (italy), danilo bergese (italy), cristina passarella (italy), angelo difalco (italy), miriam nardone (italy), paola capellino (italy), fabrizio garelli (italy)
Related to the building placed in Cuneo a mobile structure completes the concept. It's vocation is promoting exhibition through images, documentaries and history.
As a convoy covers miles, here the mobile concept goes around to meet public and keeping and exchanging cultures and emotions. New travelers live the ancient experience as merchant who went through Silk road. The same idea of red silk ribbons, here is used to welcome visitors in the multimedia exhibition. It becomes a dynamic laboratory, using contrast inside/outside to start an adventure in knowledge, always surprising.
Features A long vehicles constitutes the base for mobile structure. Two cylindrical empty body are transported on a trailer. Cylinders diameter is 3 m and the height 4m. Each one has three cylindrical slots and inside three C-shaped sector in glass that could rotate around main axis. Visitors can enter in one of the sectors and looking dynamically outside external environment and inside an exhibition.