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mauro fratini (italy), riccardo lazzari (italy)
We do not deem feasible a journey on railways as even using new technologies it would take 2 days without stops and 7/10 days with short an in any case limited breaks,while a journey by car or bus would take even longer.The increasing speed of times and future requirements leads us to choose a flight,melting events in the air with events on land.The aircraft is transformed into a“flying theatre”that will interact with the broadcasting stations(domes). Each dome will have a territorial sphere of influence.
The performance will be:
1)broadcasted from the domes on land by means of live and recorded shows in the territorial sphere of influence.It will include news,ads and features that each territory wishes to enhance
2)in flight(theatre)actors will perform shows,wearing typical costumes,introduced by an announcer.
There is the possibility of using animals.Virtual reality(sounds,lights,colors,smells,images) will make the passengers feel as if they were actually travelling on land.