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mauro fratini (italy), riccardo lazzari (italy)
The aircraft Airbus 380 was chosen for feasibility purposes and modified into a flying theatre. Three bridges have been built, one stall with 3 rows of seats and 2 lateral balconies with 1 row of seats. The live show will take place on a central stage. A fully retractable screen will show in 3 the broadcasts from the domes.The passengers will get a reale feel of the areas crossed by the silk road and will be enticed to know better some of them by means of a traditional journey.
The interior of the aircraft will be equipped with interactive screens that can change color and transmit images and sound to “wrap up” the passangers in multiple effects. Rooms for the crew, first aid, the director and a large bar are located near the cockpit.
The seats are fitted with special rotation system that enables them to switch to a traditional position for take off and landing.
During the show there will be breaks for rest, refreshment and shopping.