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xin geng (china), jun geng (china)
The Silk Road is an extraordinary connection between Eastern and Western civilizations in history. Unfortunately, it has already lost its function today. In addition, it is not an existent physical road, more like just a concept in the book.
Compare with building up a material monument, an immaterial way to reconfigure the collective image of the Silk Road seems much more valuable.
This concept design encourages people to retrace the route of the Silk Road by providing specially designed badges for collection on the trip as a proof and permanent memento for the retracing. Visitors can get the specific badge from the local tourism organization of each country within the Silk Road region, and have to collect some designated characteristic stuff to fill up and be preserved in it, making each badge as a proof of the journey. By this means, more people may be interested to go to the Silk Road and recognize the Silk Road not only from books, but also their own travelling experiences.