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LIGHT ROAD is a route connecting East and West along the historical Silk Road. The route has 33 stopovers, corresponding to the main towns along the Silk Road. In each of these cities, the same architectural structure, an Obelisk, will be erected, and the 33 structures will be connected through a sophisticated laser system. The idea is that of using beams of light to retrace the Silk Road. This in full respect for the physiognomy of each city and its architecture. Where possible, the structures wùill be built in water, on an artificial island: this is the case of Venice, Istanbul, Alexandria, Hotan, Shanghai, Nagasaki. Otherwise, they will be built on green areas. But the natural environment will be preserved and “absorbed” into the structures, becoming one of their integral features. Not only will this project connect different countries, but it will also represent a new frontier for tourism, and a further achievement for all those people who consider themselves World Citizens.