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anna maria stefani (italy), alessandro sachero (italy), sonia zanzi (italy), carlotta schnabel (italy), irene valbusa (italy)
The project rethinks the idea of the Silk Road’s caravanserai, places of hospitality and stay, for the contemporary context of the 2015 Expo and the theme of sustainable mobility, creating a new axis between Milan and Shanghai.The project aims to create a multifunctional, dynamic and trading space in which trade can become a guideline, developed to offer an alternative lifestyle to the modern travelers.These goals are achived through the creation of a layout including the macrofunctions of: dining, hospitality, cultural center,time to resemble, info-host and mobility, divided between different functional levels, organized under a concept of increasing and ascending privatization, allowing lower levels to have a direct exchange between interiors and exteriors, while providing full privatization to upper levels. The layout has been applied to a series of buildings,belonging to the larger complex of Mombello’s mental hospital, located at the coordinates 45.612842,9.127873 Milan,Italy.