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giovanni marco chiri (italy)
The Paifang square of Zhaoqing represents a physical and visual link between the densely-crowded historic city and the landscape of the Seven Stars Crags national park, really it can be considered the “antichamber” of the park. This condition will have to be reversed, turning it into a central place mid-way between the park and city and also giving new importance to the visual axis that, from the river, through the crowded city centre, leads to the lake, continuing in the same direction towards the peaks and the Buddhist temple perched on the hill. The area covered by the masterplan has a total extension of around 180000 sq. m which comprises a space of 22000 sq. m, positioned between the stage and the arc, which is reserved for entertainment and congregation. It seems advisable to organise the project area in a set of more clearly-delimited spaces, of recognisable “urban rooms” while maintaining its large public accommodation capacity and aperture towards the landscape.