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giovanni marco chiri (italy)
The layout of the masterplan features an analogy with the traditional design of ink stones: the engraved, finely chased edge of the basin defines the new border of the lake in such a way that the lake participates in constructing the public space. The project, which has been chosen as the winner of the call for tender will become the centre of many new activities in addition to attracting the visitors along the lake. The functions will be concentrated on the expanse of water around a set of porticos intended to provide protection against the weather and also to gather the community around the new activities. This natural waterfront is offset on the East side by a densely built-up urban bank where a suite of public services is located beneath a large building-portico: the intermodal bus-boat station, a traditional market, various kiosks for the sale of souvenirs or for tourist information and lastly, at the head and stretching towards the park, the huge complex of the exhibition center.