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anna maria stefani (italy), alessandro sachero (italy), sonia zanzi (italy), carlotta schnabel (italy), irene valbusa (italy)
The concept of transit and trade is developed on different scales throughout the project, located in a global environment of developing physical and virtual connections.The renovated buildings are connected at ground level through a park, creating a dense network of experiential pathways, cutting the complex in an oblique direction, at higher levels.The individual functional areas develop the themes of trade and transit, such as in the exposition area or the restaurant.A cultural area works both as an exhibition and creation area,and it's accessible by customers through a continuous path, which allows them to directly assist to the entire design process.In the restaurant area, trade is carried on by individual pieces of furniture leading users to take part in social consumption experiences.The whole project is based on the creation of an organisim made to host the contemporary wanderer in a perspective where trade is no longer considered mere business, but cultural and social activity.