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daniela mortarotti (italy), chiara ferrando (italy), alessandra dalle nogare (italy)
Where? In 33 cities. The project is located at the same time in 33 cities along the old silk road, in order to absorb from each one images, sounds and knowledge about different culture like the old traveler did in his journey. All the 33 boxes change their position in every step.
What? 33 containers. Each of them is divided in two parts: one for receiving, one for transmitting data, images, video and sounds of different cities.
How? Through the exchange of the containers and the relative information among the cities. These two examples show a part of two container’s journey. The exchange gives the possibility to every city to know the others 32.
When? In 33 steps of exchange in 485 days. Like in a journey, day by day, the luggage of the collected data increases.