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daniela mortarotti (italy), chiara ferrando (italy), alessandra dalle nogare (italy)
Every box is divided in two sides:
Reception area: it contains reception devices(photo cameras with different filters,climatic gages,a video camera..),with the aim to receive images,videos,data, sounds and objects from the surrounding space.The visitors can interact with the box leaving objects,appearing in photographs and video.
Transmission area: this area transmits to the city in which it is located the information collected in the previous city.In this area the visitor is virtually moved in another context.
The only exception is the step one: in this case the reception is the same of the transmission.
Step1: the 33 boxes are located in 33 public squares. Each one receives information and data creating a plot between the cities.
Step2: all the containers are moved to another of the 33 cities,here it transmits the data get in the step before and it acquires new one.
Step33: like a long journey,every cities has discovered other culture situated among the silk road.